Happy Kitty

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First of all, there is no need for disambiguation. Because you suck you fucking moron. Clear?

No? then you need to pull the toilette out of your ass, and smell the shit coffee I am going to force feed you. Hey retard, you remind me of a Little Miss Muffet that has been raped by a Bob the Builder on steroids. Ha-ha.

And here you thought this was going to be a parody about some fucked up gay ass cartoon bullshit that was designed to make us all fucking happy.

Hey do us all a favor and go tell your Boss he's a mildly retarded bastard child of a jackpole and Muther Teresa....and then try to convince him that if Superman could self-suck the entire universe would emplode. I guarantee your ass is gettin' a raise!!


I don't give a rats assEdit

Why don't you go tape a dirty bomb to your skull and just push the button ... PUSH! PUSH! PUSH! PUSH! Yeah you were probably the party pooper, that everybody knows about, no guts, no glory! Yeah you remember, that Beer-bong is probably still full today from twenty years ago, you wimp-ass-dork. You suck so bad you even failed at being a proper fucking alcoholic, but you know they have jobs available with the PAC-10 Referees...eeew git your resume (a.k.a) piece of toilette paper.

How much shit can the basic retard chewEdit

Say, how's that school bus job treatin' ya? YOOOU dork retard fuck! Well, yeah if you consider its one step up from being a Rent-a-Pig. Feel better,...yeah that's probably what you do every day after work...you get to feel yourself better and better....ooooooeeeewwww PUKE!!!

Don't be disgraced, just because you stink, and you have too much time and can read this trash, you suck-machine. You know why Anna Nichole Smith's son did suicide? Because he couldn't handle his mommy having his baby!!!! What a fucking loser!! He should have been a school bus driver like you!!

The only reason he is better than you is because he got to bone Mrs. Smith...woohooo! The only Mrs. Smith you ever got was when you tried the "American Pie" scene. Except you probably forgot to thaw the pie FIRST!! OMG!! nevermind, your dumb ass, would have taken it straight out of the oven. DA-DA-DA-Darwin.

All Mensa members are School bus drivers, spank that monkeyEdit

Only your dumb ass could possibly be entertained by this shit. You suck. So when the doctor walked in and instead of asking you what the problem is at your last doctor's visit, he asked what's the differance between you and a raging alcoholic? All you could answer is, aw gee doc I thought you would like my tiny little umbrellas.

Hey brain-dead...does it still echo in there at night?? And the off-chance that you are a chick reading this, I see a boob job in your future...don't deny it. All the guys agree. They only go for you because you put out. The side bet wasn't who got you first, but who got to do you when you finally get your new knobs. So don't screw that up too, get a professional.