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Muffin the Mule was a British children's programme first broadcast on the BBC in 1946 that is now forever tainted with allegations that it was a clever propaganda tool for South American drug cartels to smuggle cocaine into Europe. The show's supposed 'innocence' was later said to be a cruel lie to deceive children into accepting the weird antics of a stringed puppet as natural. Nearly all copies of Muffin's shows were later destroyed or dumped in the River Thames to save British television further embarrassment. [1]

Don't write this down. The next drop will be behind the stables at Ascot.

“We want Muffin, Muffin the Mule. Children, bring out your clean spoons and candles.”

~ Annette Mills on Muffin the Mule

“I need to go to the bathroom. I may be some time.”

“You're a Voodoo Mule.”

~ Jimi Hendrix on Muffin the Mule

“From Stardust to Sawdust:The Decline and Fall of Muffin the Mule”

~ David Bowie's aborted musical on Muffin the Mule
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Muffin selects potential couriers for his 'import/export/' business.
Muffin the Mule with Oswald, Wally and Peregrine. Grainy, undercover film shot by the police to catch the extent of Muffin's alleged drug trafficking.

The show was first aired on the BBC in 1946 as an antidote to the Second World War and the subsequent Nuremberg Trials. There was a need to 'return to innocent fun' and Muffin was available. He was a wooden marionette mule, the supposed progeny of a rocking horse and stuffed a Spanish toy donkey.[2].

Muffin's 'mad cap hoofing about' was explained by 'distorted carrots' or 'hot parsnips' but they also look suspiciously like reactions to to an accidental drug overdose. Muffin didn't talk but would whisper his wants into the ear of his co-host, the stiffly coiffured actress Annette Mills (sister of British actor Sir John Mills). She would say 'Muffin wants to dance' or 'Muffin needs a drink'. Then Muffin would dance like a loon and flop down, in a loose stringed heap. Parents loved the show as Muffin was said to calm down children before they were sent upstairs to bed and locked in for the next 14 hours. The show was similar to other TV puppet shows like Howdy Doody on American television and all Italian politicians since Mussolini.

Muffin wasn't alone on the show. There were plenty of other highly strung puppets to see. There was the faintly sinister Peregrine the Penguin who seemed to have some authority in the group (and had South American connections). There was also Pablo the Escobar (though no one knew what an 'Escobar' was) , Oswald the Ostrich and Wally the Gog, a black faced marionette with supposed African-American connections[3]. Children accepted Muffin and his gang, not suspecting the rather trippy jumping about was anything but pure entertainment for young children.

The ShowEdit

Peregrine the Penguin: Muffin's secret narcotics supplier?
Muffin always travelled with this big bag. It was later discovered to have a lot of secret pockets with white residue.

For 10 years Muffin held sway in children's hearts. In schoolyards and playgrounds, everyone wanted to be a 'Muffin the Mule'. Then the rumour got out that Muffin's crazy antics were to do with something he was given everyday in his oats. He was the first 'Puppet Dope Friend Shock', [4] as the allegation went. Later on Muffin the Mule and his friends went on tour, the bucking bronco becoming a particular favourite in Colombia. [5]

In retrospect, Muffin's popularity in Colombia and throughout South America, where he was known as 'Los Anglos Muffin' might have set off alarm bells. The BBC unwittingly sold the show to countries where the activities of the 'giddy ass' were interpreted very differently. Criminal gangs saw a marketing opportunity and Muffin was showing them the way in. Soon a steady stream of 'Muffin the Mule' fans would come by boat to Southampton, carrying their 'Muffin toys'. It was only when these were inspected that it was revealed that there was something unusual about their contents.

Now Muffin's on-screen behavior had a ready made explanation.[6]. The show was taken off air in 1955 and shortly after, Annette Mills died. As conspiracy theories were not so widespread then, the two events were not linked at the time. Muffin carried on for another year before the whiff of drugs and other unsavoury rumours ended his television career. Muffin was removed from his celebrity stable and placed in the padlocked BBC toy box. And there he stayed for the next 50 years, forgotten and unable to defend his reputation.


The signature tune was We Want Muffin, Muffin the Mule,, sung by Annette Mills with Muffin tap dancing on his wooden hooves. Other songs on the show included Muffin Rumba and Asinine Arriba !Arriba!!. Oswald and Peregrine usually performed in the other numbers whilst the then innocently monikered Crumpet the Clown would bellow, Giving My Sweets To Hungry Suckers without a hint of innuendo, He would then burst into floods of tears and only Muffin's manic 'giddy ups' would shake Crumpet's incipient manic depressive mood.

The coolest 'puppet dude' in Muffin's ensemble was Wally the Gog. Wally's background was always something of a mystery and his name had all the hallmarks of 1950s political correctness. Already a handy guitarist, Wally preferred to stay out of shot, lying on his back with 'articulation problems'. He later left the show before Muffin's fall and was alleged to have resurfaced as Jimi Hendrix 10 years later. Like many stories associated with Muffin the Mule, the truth was subsequently cremated but there is a 'puppet photo' of Hendrix which perhaps hints to his earlier career as Wally.[7]

Personal LifeEdit

Did Muffin's mate Wally later become Jimi Hendrix?

Muffin was romantically linked (via a frisky saddle) to a young Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward[8]. Although no stranger to the exotic cigarette, Muffin's fall from grace persuaded him to move out of the stable and join the cast of Thunderbirds. Elsewhere, attempts to pair Muffin off with other equines also failed until Muffin accepted that his only purpose in life was to make children happy and act as a drugs conduit when the call came. [9]

Retrospective BlameEdit

Banned in Canada for trivialising hard drugs and promoting subversive feminist humour. Later remade as My Little Pony.

Many years later, people worried about the decline of Western Civilisation began to look at the 'cultural origins of the drug issue' and blamed Muffin the Mule retrospectively (and others like The Flowerpower Men and Pinky & Pervvy). Muffin, they said, was really 'Mafia the Mule' or 'Don Muffinioso'. Thus a lot of surviving Muffin memorabilia was deliberately destroyed to prevent further drug jokes about the faded TV star. [10]

Smack the Pony and Muffin the MuleEdit

Contrary to expectations, a British television show titled Smack the Pony wasn't about a horse puppet called Smack nor did it feature anything on a string. It did include a lot of other 'Muffin-style' humour, with female masturbation and the inadequacies of men chief among its sources of comedy. Requests by children for 'Smack Ponies for Christmas' soon led to the show's eventual cancellation after six years. [11]

It wasn't until 2005 that Muffin was finally allowed outside his toy box of shame (but wearing an electronic tag) for a new television series. All his old friends were back except Wally the Gog who had died from ingesting too many wood chips in 1970[12]. Peregrine and Oswald did reappear, their performance in the episode Cold Turkey Farm received a BAFTA nomination in 2007. Muffin's acting was overlooked and there was criticism that he was 'no longer funny unless you had been mentally stuck to a ceiling all afternoon' [13]. The show wasn't re-commissioned and Muffin was sent back to the box.


Muffin's 'Mea Culpa' record. This was the only way out of his toybox hell.
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See AlsoEdit

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