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This page has been owned!


Example of Medieval PwNaGe. Here during the Norman invasion of 1066, the Frenchies ream england a new butthole.


Example of facebook ownage


“ I OWN you all.”

~ Alicia Keys on Uncyclopedia


~ Person on on getting owned by Lindsay Lohan

OWNED (or Pwned, Pwn, Pwn3d, Ownage, pwnage, Own3d, etc.) is a word that online kids use while wasting their miserable lives on playing games/chatting and more of those things. Usually they mean nothing special in life so they seek shelter in the online community. Because they are being abused in real life by their so called 'friends' or parents who mistreat them, they have to look for a better world in which they can crawl away. Then the poor little boys will slowly realize what sex is and wonder why they never get it, only see it on tv, and wonder why the next-door neighbor kyle has a "girlfriend" and they don't. They are getting Pwned by the female species.

On the internet they will then start having control over other people, and feel great about it, because they actually have 0 control in their real lives.

E.g: They shoot someone in a game No-life kid: OMGGG OWNED !!! (I feel great.. I never have control over someone else normally)

They usually go to the toilet then to have a masturbation session in order to celebrate their victory and then return (this is also known as 'brb')

Actual Grammar (l33t)Edit

Ownage has a political party.

The real term owned actually means having a certain dominance over an other player or living organism (yes, this includes gamers). But it can also mean: Being embarrased, being joked, being surprised and whatever. It is mostly not used in real life because it belongs to the l33t language, a type of code speak which was invented by 6 guys on a masturbation party to the French Alpes and while making balloons at the bonfire that evening they carved some of these words on the tree after drinking 5 glasses of apple-juice, they were never seen again after jumping from the cliff with a parachute that suddenly didn't exist anymore, most likely because of their kitten huffing activities in 1337.

Own3d is just an 'advanced' version of owned. This was probably done by a lame gamer because the l33t-language is also familiar for his numlet-symbols eg. e = 3 , a = 4

Random factsEdit

  • people who use numbers and symbols instead of letters(for example 0wn3d) are n00bs
  • most people who are 0wn3d are actually Kicking the ass of the person who says 0wn3d!
  • They can be found on Guildwars and Battlefield 2
  • Most people who say 0mGz 0wn3D!!1111 are over the age of 30 and living in their moms basement - own3d

Ownage/Pwnage in popular cultureEdit

  • Iron Maiden (May they rest in Peace.) dedicated their song 'OMFG!!11 [email protected] h1lz' to the cause of ownage. The line "rAp1n t3H n00bs nad pwning the menz0r" can be clearly heard, sort of.
  • Lurtz in 'The Fellowship of The Ring' can be heard saying "OMFG PWNED!!11" when he kills Boromir.
  • In a speech in Washington on the war on terror George W. Bush described the situation in Iraq as "t0Tal [email protected]".
  • Tony Blair made a similar speech stressing the importance of "being tough on Pwnage in Iraq and being tough on the causes of Pwnage in IraQ"*
  • Ultima Online players coined the phrase when the Atlantic Shard kept going down, stating,"OMFG ATLANTIC GOT 0wn3d AGAIN (note) the phrase never actually reached the game until this event occurred many times.*
  • [1] World famous ownage site.
  • You'll clearly hear Sam Gamyi saying Potat0wn3d! to Gollum as he cooks the rabbit in LOTR II: The Two Gamblers
  • Nerds claim that people who have bought Windows Vista has been owned, but it is all just blatant lies!!! Lies I tell you!!!
  • After the events in "You Got Served" movie film, the directors (who directed that movie) want to make a sequel, You Got Owned starring Samuel L Jackson, Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Brian Head Welch, and Keanu Reeves. The next sequel will take place in Cocos Island located next to Guam.

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