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Poetry is an art form in which language is used for its obfuscatory qualities in addition to, or instead of, meaningful and useful content. Poetry has a long history, and early attempts to define poetry, such as Aristotle's Poetics, focused on the various uses of speech in rhetoric, drama, song and charming the togas off of potential bed buddies. Contemporary poets, such as Dylan Thomas, often identify poetry not as a literary genre within a set of genres, but as noble way of remaining unemployed and virtually useless to society. Poetry often uses condensed forms and conventions to reinforce or expand the meaning of the underlying words or to invoke irrational or sensual experiences in the reader, as well as using devices such as assonance, alliteration and the rhythm method to achieve musical or incendiary effects.

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Do not shag gentle during that good night,

Youthful lust should burn and rave after close of day;

Rage, rage following the turning off of the light.

Though wise scholars in their minds know safety is right,

Because their getting laid was so unlikely they

Do not shag gentle during that good night.

Weak men, whilst observing with delight

Their frail Percys stiffening in this newfound way,

Rage, rage following the turning off of the light.

Wild men who cut down angels in their flight,

And learn, too late, there’d be a price to pay,

Do not shag gentle during that good night.

Diseased men who beareth plague and plight

Have infected sores that blaze like meteors ‘cos they

Raged, raged following the turning off of the light.

And you, my lover, there in the midst of your height

Curse, bless me now with your climatic groans, I pray.

Do not shag gentle during that good night.

Rage, rage following the turning off of the light.Main Page

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An unretouched photo of Billy Shakespeare.
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"The trouble with a kitten is that when it grows up, it's always a cat."

~ Ogden NashMain Page
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Well, writing a poem or two would surely help... Make a new poem

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Vogon poetic justice.jpg

Poetic justice is when justice is carried out with poetry. In court, for example, the defendant, plaintiff, justice, lawyers and jury all have to perform the whole trial in poetry or in rhyming prose. Blank verse is not permitted.

This can be done at the defendant's request (and amusement). Or, if the justice hearing the trial wishes it, whether or not the defendant wants it.

The best poetic justices and lawyers are Vogons as their poetry, even in judicial language, is the 33rd best poetry in the galaxy. Appeals are rare, as appellate court judges can rarely bear to read the transcripts. You see, the poetry judges are all Vogons, and a Vogon's idea of what is good poetry is unlike that of any other member of any other race in the multiverse.

Frankly, almost none of this is true. But I'm not telling what.

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Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer (1809-1849) best known for his cheery visions of a utopian future, and colourful tattoos. His best known poem, The Raving, is about an excitable crowd of Britney Spears fans tapping on his chamber door, rapping on his chamber door, and occasionally crapping on his chamber floor. This crowd of lunatics repeatedly chant the word "Nevermore", on the Night's Plutonian shore. The half-sane narrator grieves over the loss of his Lenore™-brand cleaning detergent:

From my books surcease of sorrow, sorrow for the lost Lenore.
For its rare and radiant colour, thats why angels use Lenore,
Spotless clothes forevermore.

Although he is often believed to have been the source of the phrase "po-faced", derived from "Poe-faced", in fact this term comes from the Po River in Italy, which is shaped like a man's face.

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  • Only 76.2% of all poets, living or dead, are gay.
16.7% are bisexual, 5.4% are in denial about it, and 1.7% are asexual. The remainder are, in fact, straight.
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem She Came & Went is about a dead baby.
His daughter, but a dead baby none-the-less.
Charles Dickens is the one who looks like Tim Burton.
  • A "huckleberry finn" is a type of berry bush native only to Missouri.
  • Geoffrey Chaucer was born on Retrocession Day (Taiwan).
  • Don't Say Goodbye by Edmund Spenser is the longest haiku ever written, at a whopping total of four lines.

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