UnNews:American government about to start drills on suppressing riots

7 July 2015

Greetings, this is an emergency report from UnNews. As we knew, the American government is about to start drills on "Supressing chaos against the nation". This is an organized military drill and man made chaos so everybody should be warned about false revolutions, because these revolutions are 100% started by agent provocateurs and have absolutely no interest on "Democracy" or "freedom" at all. In fact it will only export death to your town and city. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

The following is the steps of the military drill;

  • Establish false nationalist organizations against "Islamization", as well as gathering radical Islamists in target towns to do all sorts of small, hair-triggered rioting, rape and robberies.
  • Have the false revolutionaries organize protests against "Islamization", while sending black bloc agent provocateurs hiding in the group. The group will be armed with molotov cocktails, homemade tear gas, and bottles of pork. The muslims will also come in and try to counter the riot, and they are armed with stones and molotov cocktails. The protest starts after a false terrorist attack that targets 3 churches in Arizona, so if you see it on the news and you live there, BE PREPARED.
  • Now the "nationalists" will start the protest and the muslims counteract. The protest claims that "There will be no violence", but agent provocateurs are already in the middle of the protest crowd and will attack the muslims by throwing bottles of pork on them. The muslims will counteract by throwing molotov cocktails and the scene transforms into a full fledged war. Both fractions will fight each other and here is where the police will come in. The police will come in dressed like robocop and start shooting people indiscriminately, and will kill and hurt at least 600 people, including reporters who are obviously here to spread lies. Agent provocateurs will never be hurt or arrested. Remember, this is all scripted in order to "Test governmental power to stop inner chaos", and the media will report it like crazy as if the "Nationalists" are heroes, but the truth is THIS IS ALL SCRIPTED TO HAPPEN.

Another situation of the drill is the following;

  • Government creates false occupy groups and attracts all sorts of "New Age Liberals" who are nothing other than Hypocrites;
  • The false occupy group unleashes a occupy protest in new york against "Globalization and cooperate greed", as well as calling obama to get off (We all know this is staged and there will be no effect.)
  • Agent provocateurs will be hidden in the occupy group and start massive riots, by looting, burning pre-put cars, throwing molotov cocktails and the local police will have no control over it.
  • Police will dress like robocop and start randomly killing and hurting people, and will kill and hurt over 300 rioters. Agent Provocateurs are NEVER arrested or hurt, the police and the provocateurs have green arm bands for mutual identification.
  • After the clearance of the protests there will be riots in new york in the upcoming sundays for further drills. DO NOT go to new york at sunday in the upcoming months.

And finally, BOTH of these scenarios will happen during the drill which is 4 months long. Expect no peace and no rest but destruction and death. The media will be glorifying the police at all costs and means and it's your duty to TURN OFF the television and stop receiving lies. The purpose of this is to worsen relations between races and also a living military drill on wheels. Wake up and realize the truth.

Specials thanks,
UnNews Special Report


This article features first-hand journalism by an UnNews correspondent.
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