UnNews:Buckingham Palace: we were all Nazis back then

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Buckingham Palace has defended Queen Elizabeth II making a Nazi salute in a 1934 film, stating, "We were all pretty much Nazis back then."

The video - published by the Sun in case that wasn't clear from the subtle effects superimposed on the video - has led to a huge controversy in the UK, and has opened the debate about whether, you know, it might not be rather about time to, as it were, take some sort of a stance - as part of a long-term and dignified process - in which the role of the Royal Family is possibly, if one might be so bold as to say it, discussed.

However, Buckingham Palace reacted defiantly: "This footage has to be viewed in context," said a spokesman. "Back then the Nazis seemed to be about simply 'Germany for the Germans', rediscovering national pride - not invading the rest of Europe. And it was about smashing Jews' windows and running them out of town - not gassing them by the million.

"No one would deny that Hitler took it all too far, but in 1934, well, he was getting Germans back into work, dismissing women from their jobs and putting them back in the home to breed and cook, and trying to eliminate all the handicapped and scroungers from society.

"Basically we were all pretty much Nazis back then."

The source added that all members of the British Royal Family would have been "staunchly opposed to any Nazi plan to invade the UK" and that the family's brief fondness for German national-socialism did not last beyond 1938.


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