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Psychological Issues of
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Obsessive-compulsive deletion
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Assburger's syndrome


Wikipoleonic Complex
Wikipersecution Complex


Seeing Through the
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Finding Your Inner Sock Puppet

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The WikiHeaven logo.

WikiHeaven is the free afterlife that anyone can enter. It is a multireligious Web-based free-content paradise. WikiHeaven is built collaboratively by those who are and are not chosen. The project began at the Beginning of Time as a complement to the God-created Heaven.

It is operated by the Wikimedia Foundation under license from WikiGod.


What Is WikiHeaven Like?Edit

Most contemporary scholars now believe that WikiHeaven is much like the Most Awesome Page Ever possessing an equal amount of awesomeness.


WikiHeaven is believed to be the 2nd largest Wiki, after Uncyclopedia, containing exactly 1 REALLY long article.

Getting into WikiHeavenEdit

Anyone can initially get into WikiHeaven, but all of the people who have entered WikiHeaven can evict other users if they do not meet the requirements for staying. Vigilant admins and also lesser users can revert any Vandalism and evict any users that abuse their priviliges to evict. WikiHeaven is built on the expectation that collaboration among users will improve the Paradise, in much the same way that Uncyclopedia develops.


To stay in WikiHeaven, you must be a registered user of Uncyclopedia and must live the Path specified in the Most Awesome Page Ever. Alternatively, you may get banned waging Holy War against the Heathens that the Most Awesome Page Ever has issued fatwahs against. You'll be sent to WikiHell alright.

Methods of WikiEntryEdit

Users can currently enter WikiHeaven through their Realm-Browsers (such as WikiMaozilla WikiFox). You may also enter WikiHeaven through your mobile WikiPhone if you do not die next to a Wikipersonal WikiComputer. There has been much concern over the fact that people in developing countries do not have such luxuries, and WikiHeaven portals have been WikiPrinted by various WikiReligions.

WikiSista WikiProjectsEdit